About Beintoo

Headquartered in Milan and New York and with 400 million users all around the world, Beintoo is a true engagement platform with a full set of gamification tools – badges, missions, leaderboards, contests, etc. – for mobile and web applications, games and national brick-and-mortar or online retailers.

Beintoo gives value to users’ engagement by distributing currency – Bedollars, which can be used for premium offers and real world benefits. Bedollars are meritocratic, global and can be redeemed in the Bestore or in the online stores of Beintoo’s retail partners for thousands of appealing offers. In addition to this, Beintoo rewards its users for their engagement and achievements by letting them convert their Bedollars into real cash once they shop on our partner retailers’ websites.

Via Beintoo’s reward engine, Developers can attain deeper user engagement and monetize inside and outside their apps, as they get paid for every Bedollar redeemed by a user.

Sponsors on the other hand, benefit from the most innovative way of engaging with their customers through our customized and defined loyalty programs, maximizing the efficiency of their ad campaigns to reach conversion rates that are high above average.

Due to its global presence, Beintoo is building a worldwide network of online and offline retailer partners and developers that will accept Bedollars and virtual credits as a method of payment. 

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